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Who We Are

Staff of Aphesis House


James, Founder and Visionary

After chasing the fast life, James found himself serving an 8 year sentence that would forever change his life. James went from making what most people make in a week in an hour to making a shabby .17 cent per hour while working in prison. During his sentence, James was able to obtain a vision for himself and began to look at the world differently. James’ prison sentence was the seed that manifested into Aphesis House, which has served the lives of over 800 men.

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Jerry, Assistant Executive Director

After spending 13 years in prison, Jerry enrolled within the Aphesis House program. He is an advocate and leader for men wanting to change for the better. He respectively acts within the role of Executive Director as he is usually the first one to see the men upon arrival and usually the last person that is seen before the men departs. Jerry provides accountability, hope, and encouragement to all men that enter the program.


Bob, Grant Writer

Being the owner and creator of your own vision is one of the many principles taught at Aphesis House. After teaching college students, Bob had a yearning and desire to serve on a different level. This yearning led him to Aphesis House where he is able to serve the community and those within the program on a daily basis.

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Steve, House Manager

Years of alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction led Steve into extremely dark places that caused him to go to prison on two separate occasions. After seeing little progress at half-way houses, Steve made the commitment to enroll into the Aphesis House program. He has remained committed to being the best version of himself and is now able to serve as one of the House Managers for the program.

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Fred, House Manager

Fred came to Aphesis House after being on drugs for 15 years. He is committed to his vision of becoming a man that is drug-free, independent, and reliable. He now focuses his attention on building men that come through the program and serves as a House Manager for the program.

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Doug, House Manager

In October 2011, Doug came to Aphesis House straight from prison. It was within the Aphesis House program that he was able to build himself emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Doug became a House Manager in 2013 and has been able to support and hold accountable the men that come within the program.

The Old Man and the Starfish

by Irv Furman

There was a young man walking down a deserted beach just before dawn. In the distance he saw a frail old man. As he approached the old man, he saw him picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The young man gazed in wonder as the old man again and again threw the small starfish from the sand to the water. He asked, “Old man, why do you spend so much energy doing what seems to be a waste of time?”
The old man explained that the stranded starfish would die if left in the morning sun. ” But there must be thousands of beached and millions of starfish!” exclaimed the young man. “How can you make any difference?” The old man looked down at the small starfish in his hand and as he threw it into the safety of the sea, he said, “I made a difference to this one.”