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Aphesis Grand Opening

How do you end an issue as big as systemic oppression?

One man at a time.

We give formerly-incarcerated men a way out of the system—by giving them a place to start a better life.

The formerly-incarcerated are 10 times more likely to be homeless due to discrimination. And, in Tennessee, 50% of them will return to prison because they’re stuck in a system that works against them.

A safe place to belong is one of our very basic needs as humans. We give men an environment where they can experience love, support, and stability—sometimes for the first time in their lives. 

Of the 1,000 men who’ve completed our program, we have a completion rate of 81%.

But right now, over 200 men are on our waitlist. 

They’re ready and willing to change their lives, but we don’t have the space to house them—yet. 

We have big dreams to change that.

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In response to the redeeming grace found in Jesus Christ, Aphesis House provides a safe and supportive living environment for men seeking recovery after periods of incarceration and addiction.

This project is funded under a grant contract with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.