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Who We Are

Staff of Aphesis House

Aphesis House James

James, Founder and Visionary

After following a wrong path in life, James found himself serving an 8 year sentence that would forever change him. He was making 17 cents per hour while working in prison. And it was during this time that James’s heart changed. He was able to obtain a vision for himself and began to see hope where he once saw despair. James’ prison sentence was the seed that manifested into Aphesis House, which has served the lives of nearly 1,000 men.

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Jerry, Director of Operations

After spending 13 years in prison, Jerry enrolled in the Aphesis House program. He is an advocate and leader for men wanting to change for the better. As the Executive Director, Jerry is usually the first to greet the men upon arrival at Aphesis House and the last to see the men before they depart. Jerry provides accountability, hope, and encouragement to all men that enter the program.

Bobby Daniels, Grant Writer

Becoming the owner and creator of your own vision is one of the many principles taught at Aphesis House. After teaching college students, Bob felt a calling to serve on a different level. This led him to Aphesis House, where he serves the community and those within the program every day.

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Steve, House Manager

Years of alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction led Steve into dark places that found him in prison on two separate occasions. After struggling to make progress at halfway houses, Steve made the commitment to enroll in the Aphesis House program. Here, he found and committed to the best version of himself and now helps other men do the same.


Fred, House Manager

Fred came to Aphesis House after 15 years of drug addiction. Here, he found the support he needed to stay committed to his vision of becoming a man who is drug-free, independent, and reliable. He now focuses his attention on building men that come through the program by serving as a House Manager.

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Doug, House Manager

In October 2011, Doug came to Aphesis House straight from prison. It was within the Aphesis House program that he was able to build himself emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Doug became a House Manager in 2013 and has been able to offer support and accountability to the men that come within the program.

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Mrs. Johnson

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This project is funded under a grant contract with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.